Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident

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Police: Trucker tosses rocks in apparent road rage incident. Authorities charged Ernest S. Weisburg with criminal mischief, reckless endangerment and propelling missiles into an occupied.

A truck driver sprayed insecticide in a man’s eyes during an apparent road rage incident, according to Laredo police. LPD officers responded to a deadly conduct report at about 1 p.m. Saturday at.

We’ve all experienced road rage at one time or another. While most of us might yell, utter a few expletives, or give the offender our middle finger if we’re especially angry, road rage can quickly escalate from rude gestures to aggressive behavior. Sometimes, things rapidly spiral out of control, with lasting and dire consequences.

Video captured a road rage incident in Sarasota, Fla., where a driver intentionally rams a motorcyclist off the road, April 8, 2018. "At 5:00 p.m., deputies were alerted to a possible road rage.

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On Tuesday night in Lithuania, truck driver Vidmantas Sungaila blew a Breathalyzer scoring 18 times the legal alcohol limit. According to police, the 41-year-old who’s BAC was .727 "should have been.

That follows an incident where a vehicle struck a bridge. Highways England has confirmed that motorists travelling southbound on the M6 tonight towards Coventry face delays of TWO HOURS. Just one.

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Trucker charged for using wasp spray on motorist in road rage incident A truck driver is facing assault charges for allegedly using insect spray as a weapon during a road rage incident in Texas over the weekend.

or the trucker was an equal part in the road rage. There’s no reason to leave your locked truck in a road rage situation to deal with a rager who has exited his vehicle to confront you. Makes it harder to run them over when you flee for your ‘safety’, also.

Bradley is said to have called the pickup’s driver a "cracker." The driver of the pickup "pulled out a can of pepper spray and sprayed it into the cab of the truck driver," according to WBTV. Bradley reportedly did not seek medical attention. Police continue to look for driver of the pickup truck.